Our Message

A Message from

Richard and Wendy

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Sunshine Sober Living on behalf of our entire team, particularly our program director Elliot Leonard, who has been a driving force in helping us get to where we are today. Using the traditional recovery prototype, we provide those seeking sobriety with a structured program that requires hard work and accountability.

Our lifelong efforts have made us reach where we are now. With strong and deep roots embedded in the community, and our strong standing, we are readily able to make referrals to outside professional services throughout the country.

While we understand that we have entered a field that is tremendously challenging – we consider our team uniquely suited to succeed. As a team, we are able to draw upon our combined backgrounds and have built a program that uses Elliot’s knowledge and clinical experience, my business and marketing acumen, and Wendy’s ability to put ideas into motion. We move forward with the conviction that we will provide those seeking recovery with a strong program and a secure house. It is our long-range goal to ensure that each of our residents fully understands the impact of the recovery community as both a resource and a source of solidarity.

We dedicate Sunshine Sober Living to our son Robert Scott Goldberg, a successful and dynamic leader in the recovery movement, whose determination, compassion and vision guides us every day. Rob passed away in June, 2018, at the young age of 33. His tragic death left us devastated, yet committed to honoring Rob’s memory by creating a caring environment that fosters sobriety, prevents relapse, and promotes independent living. Now more than ever, we are putting our hearts and souls into this project – a living tribute to our son. It is our sincere belief that with Rob’s life as inspiration, a program such as ours – a program built with both a firm structure and heart – will foster a cohesive and proactive alumni community that will show kindness for those “newcomers” who are struggling to become and stay healthy.