Our Rehab Treatment Centers

It is easy to bond up and share your thoughts with like-minded people –Sunshine Sober Living rehab treatment  provides a platform to meet compatible companions to bring a positive change in your life.

Uncontrolled alcohol intake have already spoiled your family life and career, and you feel like you have nothing left behind –you need professional help from a rehab treatment. To ease the wellness process, Sunshine Sober Living has introduced a different way to treat patients.

Sunshine works with men and women who are in the pursuit of a speedy recovery and consistent sobriety and who wish to sit with other likeminded people for a complete fresh start.

Rehab programs focus on gaining control over obsessive thoughts related to the drug(s) of choice using behavioral therapy and other modalities, sober coping skills, meetings, and medication.

The next leg of the journey most often takes place in a rehabilitation program where cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-Step meetings, structured goal-centered activities, and medication therapy help the person gain control over obsessive thoughts.. For those who are dually diagnosed, the challenge is even greater – the need for therapy is even more profound. A rehabilitation program encourages each resident to dig deep inside himself or herself with unflinching honesty so that the process of rebuilding the future can move forward

Our Rehab Process and Treatments

We can understand that you cannot feel comfortable with people who do not have the concurring experience and thought process. To reduce the gap and to understand your problems, we have designed a program where you can meet, discuss and share your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and even the obsessive thoughts. When you share inner feelings and problems, you feel relaxed. Then your mind can find out possible ways to solve your problems.

In case you are unable to find a way, our professionals stand with you and provide you with adequate solutions. We do not charge for the company we offer you to share yourself but only take the price of medical treatment and accommodation. This policy makes Sunshine Sober Living one of the affordable rehab for people who need our help.

We can bring the life back which turned upside down due to substance abuse or alcohol intake. We focus on behavioral therapy in our rehab treatment centers in North Carolina and rehab treatment centers in California. Our motive is to ignite positive and productive thoughts which can change your living approach and behaviors.

Rather than just delivering motivational speeches, we provide you a role model –someone just like you, who have faced the problems and have overcome everything positively. We involve proactive approaches like sober coping skills, cognitive behavior therapies, yoga, art, music & equine therapies, group therapies, mindfulness programs, resilience training, and several other methods along with medication. We have set a complete, sound and affordable alcohol rehab to promote healthy living and wellness.

We do not leave you once you have overcome your addiction problem; we stand with you throughout. Our alumni programs are for the people who have received necessary help and are doing well in their lives but want to stay connected to us for betterment.