Sober living serves as a vital aspect in the overall recovery process. Sunshine provides clean, independent housing In the beautiful and safe neighborhood of Woodland Hills, California. The focus is to provide a therapeutic environment to individuals to help them live a sober, independent life.


Structured transitional living provides safe and supervised substance-free housing that prepares its residents for a healthy reunification with family, and a smooth transition to the community, work and/or school. In the recovery community, structured transitional living facilities are also known as sober houses.


During the IOP treatment phase, or after the completion of IOP, individuals are urged to move into a sober living facility. With a far less restrictive atmosphere than that of a residential rehabilitation facility or IOP, a sober living house should nonetheless offer more than an environment devoid of drugs or alcohol. Ideally, a structured transitional living facility provides residents with a strong framework with established rules to follow, and short-term and long-term goals for each resident to meet.